Monitoring the LoRa Basics™ Station status on TPCP


Go to ThingPark Community admin console


In the left menu of Admin console, click Base Stations.

Note : There is no uniform terminology to designate LoRaWAN® network radios acting as packet forwarders: "concentrators" (used by Semtech in SX chip documentation), "gateways" (used in LoRa Alliance documents), "Base Stations" (used by Actility in analogy with cellular networks), or just "Station" (used in Basics Station code)... are all the same.

Select new LoRa Basics™ Station.


Review the status of your new LoRa Basics Station.

Note: Some detail status information will show as "unknown" on ThingPark Community console. This is normal and does not indicate a malfunction, because the Basics Station packet forwarder provides less monitoring data than the ThingPark LRR packet forwarder.

If you already have LoRaWAN® devices provisioned on ThingPark Community and they are in range of this new gateway, they will appear as SERVED DEVICES after a first uplink has been received.

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