Test LoRa Basics™ Station Installation

During this task, you will test that:

  • The Raspberry Pi can access the IC808A concentrator over the SPI link.
  • Your setup can receive LoRaWAN® uplink frames.

Finally, you must retrieve the “EUI” of the IC808A, which will be used during Step 5 to form the unique identifier of the new gateway on ThingPark Community.


Issue ~/lora_gateway/ start 25 command* to reset the LoRa radio board


Issue cd ~/basicstation/examples/ to go to example directory


Issue RADIODEV=/dev/spidev0.0 ../../build-rpi-std/bin/station to start Basics™ Station with example configuration.


Look at the initial lines of the log output of the application to retrieve the EUI identifier of the IC808A board (b827:ebff:fefc:a832 in the example output)

* It is assumed that GPIO25 is connected to RST pin of the IC880A

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