Solution Overview

You will prepare a simple solution to visualize the collected sensor data explained in Hello LoRaWAN® and ThingPark cookbook. For this solution, no technical or programming skills are needed. A general outline of the solution is shown below.


The environment shown below was prepared in the Hello LoRaWAN® and ThingPark cookbook, and the collected data was displayed in its native binary form on the webhook website. However, this environment cannot be used for the end user to actually view the collected measurements, which need to be decoded and graphed.


In this activity, you will extend this solution, as shown in the figure below. So that collected data can be displayed on a mobile phone without any programming needed.

Solution Flow…

The flow of the collected sensor data is shown in the figure. Flow steps 1~3 are described at Hello LoRaWAN® and ThingPark. In this activity flow steps (4 ~7) are added.


Collected Sensor data using LoRaWAN® technology.

LoRaWAN® GW will relay the collected data to Actility TPC using existing internet connection.

Existing internet connection will be used to send collected data to TPC.

Collected Data will be parsed by ThingParkX to convert raw data into JSON formatted data and information sent to MQTT Broker ( as MQTT message.

TPX connection will be used for sending MQTT message to MQTT Broker.

Mobile application (MQTT Broker) will fetch JSON formatted sensor information from MQTT Broker (

Mobile application (MQTT Broker) will display the sensor information at GUI of the phone.