Activity Steps

In this activity, we are going to implement the dataflow by configuring a TPX Connection and then updating the configuration of the device to porperly use the TPX dadaflow and select the appropriate payload decoder (steps 1-5). We will then learn how to monitor the flow of data and the status of the connection to the MQTT broker (steps 6-8). Even though monitoring looks trivial, it is essential to know how to “follow the footsteps of the data” in case of any issue.

Please notice that no activity is required to set up the MQTT Backend service since wenwill use a test MQTT Broker.


Implementation Steps

Create a MQTT connection instance on TPX.

Update the sensor configuration on ThingPark Community dashboard.

Verify the TPX configuration and connection state.

Install the MQTT Dashboard Android application.

Customize the Android application dashboard.

Monitoring Steps

Monitor the sensor uplinks on ThingPark Community console.

Monitor the sensor dataflow and TPX connection.

Monitor the sensor data on the Android device.