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Bringing end-to-end IoT solutions to the market is critical to accelerate industrial IoT adoption and drive business growth. Building such solutions is a real challenge as it requires combining different products, services and expertise across a very dynamic ecosystem of partners: that is why Actility launched the Ignite program.

The Ignite Partner Program is a dedicated program designed to accelerate go-to-market of joint IoT Solutions and drive growth together.

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Extend your market reach and increase your sales

Partnering with Actility gives you access to our 70+ channel partners and 50+ operators across the world, always looking for innovative solutions to deploy. ThingPark Market, our IoT B2B marketplace, provides you with a global online presence to accelerate the adoption of your product and ease evangelization for both end-customers & channel partners.

Leverage our rich ecosystem to build solutions faster

ThingPark ecosystem is already rich of hundreds of devices, gateways, applications that you can combine with your product to build E2E solutions. Moreover, our platform makes this integration faster by offering a large catalogue of devices with built-in drivers, cloud connectors to major IoT cloud providers and applications.

Gain awareness and benefit from greater brand visibility

Expose your brand & products across ThingPark portfolio. Our partner marketing program will let you benefit from our reputation and market position to gain awareness across our ecosystem & customer base. ThingPark connected products also get promoted within ThingPark product catalogs, gaining direct access to thousands of potential customers using ThingPark™.

Expand your value proposition through a joint go-to-market

Accelerate your go-to-market not only by building E2E solutions or co-selling with us, but also by including Actility LoRaWAN® connectivity in your offer and deliver a complete solution to your customers with ThingPark Embedded.