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  • Get started with Energy Optimization

    There are numerous sources of energy consumers in industrialized sites. These various sources can cause overconsumption, leading to significant energy expenditure. The main challenge for managers in sites such as factories, airports, ports, and hospitals is to identify where the largest items of expenditure are situated...

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  • Get started with Workspace Management

    In a post-pandemic world, workspace management is essential be it in offices or in public spaces. Our solution will make sure that the flow of people, their actions and the quality of the air will be easily monitored on a  dashboard.

    This Workplace Management solution, powered by Elsys, Ski...

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  • Get started with Elsys Industrial Cold Chain Monitoring

    Monitor your assets and prevent them from being damaged when temperature is out of range. Thanks to the use of IP67 devices and gateways our cold chain monitoring solution is perfect to monitor any outdoor asset or when humidity is a critical factor.

    This Industrial Cold Chain Solut...

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