Visualize a test Campaign

To visualize a test campaign:

  • From the Interop page, click on the device which is linked to the test campaign that you want to monitor in detail.
  • A list of test campaigns for this specific device should be displayed underneath the selected device, click on the line of the desired test campaign to open it.
  • The interop test detail page is displayed: The information provided during the registration procedure can be found on the left panel. You can also close the test campaign button. On the right panel appears the full list of tests available.
Note: The two buttons above the list of tests are filters. When they are Green, the category in question is visible. When they are red, the category in question is hidden
  • By clicking on the line of each test, a detail panel is displayed with last test status, completion %, as well as history and results of all test previously run on this test campaign.

Note: The test history is given in inverse chronological order, with the most recent on top.

Change the status of a test campaign

  • A campaign can be closed with Abort or Success status. Success is available only if all tests were run and succeeded or raised only acceptable warnings (the orange button will become green).

Note: Closing a test campaign is irreversible. To keep on testing a device, a new test campaign will have to be created.

  • Click on it to close the test campaign. A confirmation pop up will be displayed. Click on OK to confirm.
  • A pop-up message should be displayed indicating that the closure was accepted by the Interop Engine.
  • Once the page is reloaded, the new status and closure date will appear.

Note: Once a test campaign is closed, it cannot be reopened.

Interop engine test queue

If you start multiple tests in a row, ThingPark Interop Engine will add multiple tests in a queue and execute them tests one by one automatically as for a playlist.

  • The number shows the position in queue.
  • The hourglass symbol appears when a test is waiting for the Network Server availability to start this test.

Note: Some tests require a restart of the device, look at the message log.

Abort a test

To abort a test:

  • In the interop detail page, search for the desired test to be aborted on the device in the list then click on the orange Abort button.
  • If the test is successfully aborted, the page will be updated with the new status. If the test cannot be aborted, a pop-up message will also be displayed.

Note: A test can only be aborted by a user. The other states are Success, Failure and Warning. These states can only be set by the test itself, and not by the user.