Following the major service outage that occured on March 10th 2021 on ThingPark Partner Portal, we decided to migrate all ThingPark Partner Portal active users to ThingPark Community.

ThingPark Community offers the same benefits as ThingPark Partner Portal, but significantly improves partners experience thanks to its enterprise-grade UI and its additional tools & resources.

This FAQ provides ThingPark Partner Portal users with all the information needed to the setup a ThingPark Community account.

Will my account be restored?

Only accounts with active devices after January 1st 2021 have been migrated to ThingPark Community. once your account is restored, you will receive an email inviting you to reset your ThingPark Community password.

If you haven’t been active on ThingPark lately but still willing to explore the potential of ThingPark and LoRaWAN®™, feel free to sign-up to ThingPark Community now.

Will my devices be restored?

The outage encountered on our hosting facilities impacted heavily our platform and, unfortunately, part of our backups. Therefore, data recovery will be partial. More specifically:

  • All Abeeway devices activated on your account will be restored.
  • For other devices, only devices that were activated on your account before Dec 14th 2020 will be restored. Devices created after this date must be re-provisioned manually.

Note that only device activation information (Name, DevEUI, Keys,…) will be restored; devices’ statistics can not be recovered.

Moreover, to get your devices fully operational, you need to:

  • For OTAA devices, force a join procedure to have it properly activated on the network. This is usually achieved by rebooting the device.
  • Update device-application association. As applications can not be restored, we’ve temporarily associated your devices to a dummy application – named NOAS – that does not route the traffic anywhere.

Will my gateways be restored?

Unfortunately, we are not able to migrate LoRaWAN娪 gateways from ThingPark Partner Portal to ThingPark Community.

To migrate existing LoRaWAN娪 gateways, the following steps are required:

Step 1: Flash your LoRaWAN娪 gateway with a ThingPark Community LRR image.

To flash your LoRaWAN娪 gateway with a ThingPark Community LRR image, follow the procedure describe in section 3 of the ThingPark base station documentation applicable to your model.

Both the documentation and the LRR image can be downloaded from your ThingPark Admin Console in the Base Station > Create menu once the gateway model is selected.

This procedure will require to connect to the gateway as root. In case the gateway was prepared by Actility, the gateway root password will be sent by email

Step 2: Configure your LoRaWAN娪 gateway

Once ThingPark LRR Software is installed on your gateway, follow the section 4 of the ThingPark base station documentation to check your LRR software configuration and retrieve the key information that will be required to activate your gateway on ThingPark : LRR UUID & Gateway Public Key

Expected Backhaul & PKI configuration for ThingPark Community LRR is given below for your reference.

PKI configuration for ThingPark Community Platform
  • Available:[X]
  • Active:[X]
  • Use SFTP instead of FTP: [ ]
  • Platform : aws-eu-eco
  • Instance : actility-tpe-ope
  • Server :
  • Use auth. keys : 1
Backhaul configuration for ThingPark Community Platform
  • LRC0 address :
  • LRC1 address :
  • FTP download 0 :
  • FTP download 1 :
  • FTP upload 0 :
  • FTP upload 1 :
  • Rev SSH 0 :
  • Rev SSH 1 :

Step 3: Activate your LoRaWAN娪 gateway on ThingPark Admin Console

Your LoRaWAN娪 gateway is ready to be connected to your newly activated ThingPark Community account!

To do so, follow the procedure available in our online documentation

Congratulations: your gateway is now ready to connect to ThingPark Community!

It can take a few minutes for the gateway to complete the connection cycle. However, if the gateway didn’t reconnect within 1hr, contact our support team:

Will my applications be restored?

Unfortunately, all information related to applications has been lost.

You will need to manually recreate your applications and associates your devices according to your needs.

Can I get support from Actility?

Yes! we created a temporary ThingPark community rescue team that will assist you to get your ThingPark Community setup operational again.

To reach the team, drop us an email to