Will my account be restored?

Yes, all ThingPark Community accounts created until the day of the outage will be restored.

However, please note that:

  • Once your account is restored, you will need to reset your account password. You will receive an email with the relevant information to perform this operation.
  • End-users that you might have created on your ThingPark Community Admin Console can not be restored. You will need to create those accounts using the following procedure.

Will my devices be restored?

The outage encountered on our hosting facilities impacted heavily our platform and, unfortunately, part of our backups. Therefore, data recovery will be partial. More specifically:

  • All Abeeway devices activated on your account will be restored.
  • For other devices, only devices that were activated on your account before Dec 14th 2020 will be restored. Devices created after this date must be re-provisioned manually.

Note that only device activation information (Name, DevEUI, Keys,…) will be restored; devices’ statistics can not be recovered.

Moreover, to get your devices fully operational, you need to:

  • Force a device join procedure to have it properly activated on the network. This is usually achieved by rebooting the device.
  • Update device-application association. As applications can not be restored, we’ve temporarily associated your devices to a dummy application – named NOAS – that does not route the traffic anywhere.

Will my gateways be restored?

All LoRaWAN®™ gateways activated on your account will be restored and appear on your gateway inventory. Just as for the devices, the recovery only applies to activation data (LRR UUID, Name, etc…); Gateway statistics can not be recovered.

As the recovered data is partial, we will need your help to finalize the recovery procedure.

Step 1: Connect to your LoRaWAN娪 gateway using SSH

Using your preferred terminal application -e.g. Putty – connect in SSH to the base station with Support account. Making sure you’re connected to the same Local Network as your gateway, you can identify your gateway IP address using a software like Advanced IP scanner and matching the MAC address of the base station (see the base station sticker to retrieve the MAC address).

Login using the support account displays the Suplog menu. The Suplog menu will give you access to a series of configuration parameters and functionalities for your base station.

Credentials for the support account are the following ones:

  • Login: support
  • Use the password that you will receive by email.
In case you are not prompted to enter your password, it’s likely that ssh has been disabled on your gateway. In such case, contact our support team via email: support-community@actility.com.

Step 2: Update your LoRaWAN娪 gateway public Key

This key, generated on your LoRaWAN娪 gateway, is used to securely download your gateway IPSEC certificate; it will be further provisioned on your ThingPark Community Admin Console.

Follow the steps below to generate a new Key Pair for your gateway.

  • Go to Identifiers > Generate new key pair
  • Type “yes” and then Confirm.
  • Retrieve the public key via Identifiers > Get public key.
  • Copy your gateway Public Key, including begin and end lines, as shown below:


Note: Save it carefully ! The public key will be required to complete step 6.

Step 3: Update your gateway PKI configuration

Your gateway PKI configuration needs to be updated to match with the new ThingPark Community platform.

From your gateway SUPLOG menu, go to System configuration > PKI > Configure PKI and update fields as below:

  • Available:[X]
  • Active:[X]
  • Use SFTP instead of FTP: [ ]
  • Platform : aws-eu-eco
  • Instance : actility-tpe-ope
  • Server : slrc1-poc.thingpark.com
  • Use auth. keys : 1
Note: Those changes need to be applied and committed to be taken into account. Consult your base station installation guide for more information.

Step 4: Update your gateway backhaul configuration

Your gateway Backhaul configuration needs to be updated to match with the new ThingPark Community platform.

From your gateway SUPLOG menu, go to System configuration > Backhaul, and update fields as below:

  • LRC0 address :
  • LRC1 address :
  • FTP download 0 :
  • FTP download 1 :
  • FTP upload 0 :
  • FTP upload 1 :
  • Rev SSH 0 : support1-poc.thingpark.com
  • Rev SSH 1 : support2-poc.thingpark.com
Note: Those changes need to be applied and committed to be taken into account. Consult your base station installation guide for more information.

Step 5: Clean your gateway IPSEC certificates

New IPSEC certificates need to retrieved by your gateway from the new ThingPark Community platform.To speed-up this process, you must clean existing IPSEC certificates that might have been stored on your gateway.

From your gateway SUPLOG menu, go to System config > KPI > Cleanup Certificates.

Step 6: Update your gateway public key information on ThingPark Community Admin Console

The Public Key generated on step 2 needs to be provisioned on the ThingPark Community Admin console to allow your gateway to retrieve its new IPSEC certificate and get connected to the platform.

From the admin console :

  • Open the gateway detailed view from the Base Stations > List menu.
  • Click on Manage Public Click in the security section of the base station view.
  • Make sure public key authentication is activated (box is NOT ticked) and paste your newly generated public key.
Congratulations: your gateway is now ready to connect to ThingPark Community!

It can take a few minutes for the gateway to complete the connection cycle. However, if the gateway didn’t reconnect within 1hr, contact our support team: support-community@actility.com

Will my applications be restored?

Unfortunately, all information related to applications has been lost.

You will need to manually recreate your applications and associates your devices according to your needs.

Can I get support from Actility?

Yes! we created a temporary ThingPark community rescue team that will assist you to get your ThingPark Community setup operational again.

To reach the team, drop us an email to support-community@actility.com.