Why getting your application ThingPark Connected?

Product interoperability is a key stake for Industrial IoT adoption: That’s why we created the ThingPark Connected label, a quality label that clearly identifies ThingPark compatible products. With ThingPark Connected products, our customers approach their IoT projects in confidence, lowering the risk of schedule drift or unreliability.

Being ThingPark Connected, your application will gain awareness within Actility’s ecosystem of customers & partners, leveraging the ThingPark Connected Label on both ThingPark Community Solutions catalog and ThingPark Market. Moreover, ThingPark Connected qualification will significantly increase the chance transform joint projects into customer success stories thanks to a ready-to-ship integration.

ThingPark Connected criteria for applications

In order to achieve ThingPark Connected qualification, your application needs to support at least one of the following ThingPark interfaces to establish secure, bidrectionnal communication with ThingPark devices.

  • ThingPark Tunnel API (HTTPS)
  • ThingPark MQTT connector
  • ThingPark AWS IoT Core service / Azure IoT Hub Service

Moreover, steps to connect to the application should be documented in a quick start guide that can be published on ThingPark Community Solutions catalog’s blog.

ThingPark Connected how-to's

To get your application ThingPark Connected, follow one of the how-to’s below to establish a secure, bi-directional communication with ThingPark:

Integrate your application ThingPark Standard Interfaces...

ThingPark Tunnel API

ThingPark MQTT Connector

Or leverage one of our existing IoT Cloud Connectors.

ThingPark Azure IoT Hub Connector

ThingPark AWS IoT Core Connector

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